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Con questa masterclass voglio condividere con voi la mia passione per il Destination Wedding e la mia esperienza di oltre 30 anni di professione. Informazioni, concetti, dettagli e curiosità che io, come tanti altri colleghi, ho dovuto imparare sul campo, casomai applicando regole di altre professioni, ma che hanno fatto in modo che io diventassi una professionista nel campo del Destation Wedding, un mercato che fa girare milioni di Euro in tutto il mondo.


Total: 24 lessons

  • 1.1 - un pò di me locked
  • 1.2 - un pò di storia locked
  • 1.3 - da nozze in casa ai primi destination weddings locked

  • 2.1 - La figura del Wedding Planner locked
  • 2.2 - il profilo del perfetto wedding planner locked

  • 3.1 - I vari tipi di celebrazione locked
  • 3.2 - Normativa per i matrimoni in Italia tra cittadini stranieri non residenti. locked
  • 3.3 - Il Matrimonio cattolico concordatario, normativa e documenti da produrre locked
  • 3.4 - Il Matrimonio di culto acattolico e confessioni approvate dall'ordinamento giuridico italiano locked
  • 3.5 - Iter Procedura del matrimonio tra stranieri non residenti in Italia (Civile e Concordatario) locked
  • 3.6 - Registrazione del Matrimonio nella Nazione di Residenza locked

  • 4.1 - Matrimoni sui territori - anche il matrimonio fuori porta è un Destination Wedding. locked
  • 4.2 - Il Wedding Tourism, di che parliamo? locked
  • 4.3 - I destination Weddings nel Mondo locked

  • 5.1 - Mercato Americano: un mito da sfatare locked
  • 5.2 - Focus sul mercato Lituano locked 02:30
  • 5.3 - Focus sul Mercato Russo locked
  • 5.4 - Focus sul Mercato Anglo-Sassone locked
  • 5.5 - Focus sul Mercato Indiano - è davvero un ricco e grasso matrimonio? locked
  • 5.6 - Gli Italiani di ritorno, un fenomeno da non tralasciare locked

  • 6.1 - Apertura Corso 01 Dicembre 2020 locked 01:00
  • 6.2 - 02 Dicembre 2020 locked 02:30
  • 6.3 - 03 Dicembre 2020 locked 02:30
  • 6.4 - 04 Dicembre 2020 locked 02:30

About the author

Suita  Carrano

Suita Carrano

Destination Wedding Planner, Event Educator, MICE Planner

Born in London by Italian parents, she considers herself a "citizen of the world”, her dual nationality made her easy to start traveling at a very young age. As a Travel Agent, Suita founded her own agency for Wedding & Events Planning in 1995. She is also the Founder & President of IWPA since 2015.

Born in London by Italian parents, she considers herself a "citizen of the world" and a dual nationality made her easy to start traveling at a very young age to learn about other cultures.

Tourism and Travels have always been her great passion, also thanks to the fact that she was grown up in her family hotel in Ravello, Amalfi Coast, one of the most internationally visited cities of Italy. After having graduated in "Tourism, Business and Events Organization", with a an almost perfect knowledge of 4 languages and a licence of Technical Director of Travel Agency and Tourism Operator Manager, decides in 1995 to open her own agency for Wedding & Events Planning, the first-ever in south of Italy and probably the 5th on all Italy.

Suita (from sweet) has always been a visionary person, convinced that there's no need to leave the village where you grew up to become successful in your job and that the future of business is co-operation and globalization. Therefore she chooses a resounding name for her company that explains the next steps of his professional life.

Suita started spreading out her project of destination weddings in Italy attend fairs abroad and receiving several interviews to talk about Destination Weddings since at that time it was a completely new idea of living a vacation abroad.

From the start of her business to her first luxury destination weddings in Italy, in Brazil and Sri Lanka, the step was easy, especially thanks to her open mind and vision of beauty. Her target of customers now varies from high-end ones (like movie stars and football players or rich Russians and Indians) willing to spend a fortune for a destination wedding to medium budget ones. She also gave herself the challenge to plan a fairytale low budget wedding for a couple of one of the poorest countries who had given a budget of 300€ for an elopement, a dream of a lifetime! and a blessing for Suita who found out later that this couple had been thanking her on a TV show and received much richer business in return.

Another interest that she keeps following is the organization of the huge international conference, and among her clients, she counts the most important Medical and Economic Universities like Rutgers, Berkeley, Tor Vergata, University of Victoria, etc as well as The World Bank Group and FAO.

Today, besides supervising her family hotel in Ravello, running successfully her agency, producing nearly 100 weddings a year (alone or with her group), speaking at international conferences about Destination Weddings (her latest piece about destination weddings has been published on 350 magazine and newspapers), she also organizes Master Classes on Wedding & Event Planning for the Private University of Caserta. Suita is responsible for the Tourism Department of CIDEC for the Province of Salerno and has a co-operation with the Municipalities of Ravello and Scala, on the Amalfi Coast, for the development of Wedding Tourism.

"My mission is to make a dream come true and make my customers happy with the decision of hiring me and my team for their destination wedding"

Founder and President of IWPA, a dream come true thanks to a friendly co-operation among Wedding and Event Planners from all over the world.


Olga Raskauskiene

Destination wedding and event planner

Michelle Alison Turner

Destination Wedding Planner

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